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In this gear review, we will be taking a look at the Sea Run Travel Case from Sea Run Cases. This travel case, made by the same people who brought the firearms/ hunting world: Negrini cases, is designed to offer a top-of-the-line user experience when traveling to some of the most exciting fly-fishing destinations in the world. As we are finally able to head back to some of our most beloved international fisheries, we decided to pack our gear into one of these Sea Run Travel cases and see just how well it could hold up to its award-winning reputation.

Upon Opening:

Even before the case first hit the steps of HQ, we had high expectations. Between the mixture of having won the Strung Magazine Blue Ribbon Selection, and the 2021 Fly Fisherman Magazine’s Best Rod Carrier Award – it seemed that these cases were making a splash in the industry, even in the brand’s infancy. Not to mention, Sea Run Cases are manufactured purely in Italy, and if the Benelli in my safe and the Lamborghini in my dreams provides any testament to the quality that comes from the boot – it’s safe to assume that Sea Run would have a high standard to uphold.

Upon actually releasing the case from its cardboard sarcophagus, any reservations we had were quickly dismissed. The case was protected by a fitted canvas protective cover, which even by itself was a sight to behold. The case itself boasted a sleek rigged ABS shell, lined with a high-tech synthetic canvas. Holding the case tightly shut were 3-stainless steel (TSA compliant) combination locks. To check out the internals, each lock release slides outwards and pops open with a deeply satisfying click (for reference, think: opening a briefcase full of money in a 90’s mafia movie… yeah, pretty nice).

Inside, the case is cut into two compartments, each lined with the same supportive synthetic canvas as the outside. The top section is one open bay, perfect for storing sleeved rods, and the bottom is divided into several different compartments of varying sizes to accommodate reels, lines, tippet spools, knives, or whatever else your fly fishing expedition may require.

Field Testing:

Our team has had the opportunity to bring the Sea Run case across the globe to put it through the test. From the flats of Belize to the high mountain lakes of Sweden – we’ve put this case through every element imaginable to see how it’s held up.

Sea Run Case in Belize

Last Spring, our own Jesse Packwood had the chance to travel down to Belize with Katka Švagrová to hunt the tropical flats for elusive permit. Alongside them, they trusted the Sea Run to assure their most important tools got to their destination in one piece.

Not having to carry rod tubes through an airport is a blessing – plain and simple. As the anglers made their way onto their first of many flights, their Sea Run case was loaded onto the checked bag conveyor belt and sent off into the black vortex that is the cargo hold for connecting flights. However, what is normally a death sentence for fragile gear, proved to be nothing but an afterthought many hours later when the case showed up right where it was supposed to without one bump or bruise.

As they navigated the unforgiving salt, they were able to keep their gear neat and organized, so that they could focus on the mission at hand. Waves, wind, and water were no match for the ABS shell encasing their gear as these two navigated the vastly diverse fisheries of Belize with ease of mind.

Sea Run Case in Sweden

A few weeks ago, our HQ team set out on a 2-week trip to the Swedish Laplands to explore all this tranquil part of the world had to offer. Between sour cups of coffee mixed with unrecalled corpses of mosquitos and caribou moss, and marvelous hikes through relentless midnight sun; we moved throughout several testing fisheries in pursuit of some of the famous species that haunt the dreams of anglers who’ve dared hunt those waters.

On the last leg of our adventure, our team, accompanied by our local guide, Jacob Eliason, piled into a Swedish chopper and began to make our way deep into the mountains in pursuit of arctic char. For this journey, we had packed a few 5, 6, and 7 weight rods into our Sea Run case, alongside some extra lines and reels. As we drifted between the mountain peaks towards the arctic tundra where we would make camp, our gear bounced around in a small metal cage attached to the side of the helicopter. This was not the first time the case’s integrity was put to the test. However, watching the most important gear we had get tossed around as if it was in a washing machine was unsettling, to say the least.

Upon landing at our top-secret, remote campsite the case was immediately inspected. Not only was the tough shell left unscathed, but all of the internal contents sat snug, still nestled exactly where it had been placed.

It wasn’t long after unpacking the Whirly bird that the famous highland weather rolled in. From over the hills, strong winds and sideways rain began to pound our little campsite. As we scrambled to get the last of our tent stakes planted into the earth, our gear took the brunt of the onslaught of precipitation. It was about an hour before it all settled and we poked our heads out of our little tent. There, amongst a pile of waterproof duffle bags was the lone Sea run case, holding strong. Upon yet another internal assessment, all of the contents proved to still be dry, intact, and organized. It was there, in glorious victory, that the rods were finally removed from their sheaths, lined up, and carried down to our nearest lake for a few days of fishing none of us would soon forget.

Final Review:


4 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating


5 star rating


5 star rating


3 stars


4 star rating


3 stars


In short – the Sea Run Travel Case is far from some novelty item. What could be easily written off as “just another piece of equipment to spend your money on” should be hastily reconsidered as an essential tool for any traveling angler. The physical appearance of the case on its own may tempt some to draw their wallets, but it’s the functionality that packs the real bang for your buck. When it comes to packing up what is ultimately thousands of dollars of equipment, you won’t don’t want to leave anything to chance. While on the more pricey side of $500 MSRP, with consideration to the items you’ll be protecting, you may be paying double that just to replace one broken rod or lost reel. The Sea Run case keeps your essential gear organized and protected better than any other case could – cut and dry.

We could not be happier with this case, and it will certainly be a staple to our travel kit for many many years to come.

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