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Born out of passion for the sport we love, Sea Run Cases are dedicated to providing the very best protection for gear in the field, truck or the checked baggage of a plane. We created this case to withstand any travel condition yet offer practical ease of use on any location. The Sea Run case will get your gear there intact and keep it sorted.

Utilizing extreme polymer technology in Italy, Sea Run Cases use a patented double wall system consisting of tough inner and outer shells welded together to yield maximum impact strength and resistance to all weather conditions. The results are an ultra-light, ultra-strong, practical fly fishing case able to handle the worst handling and deliver the best performance.

Each case is hand formed and hand finished in the best materials available for fishing use. Special woven nylon canvas and marine grade closed cell foam is used throughout. Wet gear can be chucked in with no worry of damaging the case. Each compartment is organized to provide maximum protection for rods, reels, fly boxes as well as other accessories.

Whether you choose standard or our special leather finish, each Sea Run Case comes with our lifetime warranty for repair or replacement. Travel Confidently With Your Sea Run Fly Rod and Reel Case.

All customers are welcome to contact us by phone or online to discuss fitting or special needs. We are always available to help you in any way.

Stephen Lamboy,
President and CEO

Travel Confidently With Your Sea Run Fly Rod and Reel Case

Sea Run fly rod and reel cases were born out of the need to protect the valuable fly fishing gear we all carry with us while traveling to and from the water, regardless of where that water may be. [...]

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