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Sea Run Cases is an Italian premium luggage company that specializes in outdoor sports. Its parent company, Negrini Cases, has manufactured high-end gun cases (to acclaim) for years, and now they’ve entered the fly-fishing market.

Admittedly, at almost $600 (without the optional external carry case), this is a beyond-luxury item. Its target audience is the angler or angling couple who travels often enough, to diverse enough areas, to need to carry up to six different setups at once. (Realistically, fitting six rods in would be a challenge; but six reels and four rods is no problem if you cross-hatch the stack as you put them in).

Sea Run Case Dock Side

Perhaps the best use of the Sea Run case is as a carry-on item. Many airlines (pre-pandemic) treated rod cases in the same category as an umbrella, allowing you to place it in the overhead compartment at no cost while still carrying the traditional satchel for your change of clothes, camera, books, or computer. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from now more than two decades of angling travel is that you do not want to be separated from your core rod and reel setup when traveling to fish. You can make do with a starched shirt and a linen suit jacket, as I had to do in Brazil for three days once, but you can’t go fishing without your fishing equipment.

This case comes with three combination locks to keep TSA honest. It also–and this is actually very important–comes with a bland, nondescript cover case with a strap. While the case as pictured above is plenty robust for carry-on use, I wouldn’t want to put it through an airline carousel if I expected it to remain pretty.

Fly Fishing Cast

From a packing perspective, this thing is just very well thought out. There’s a Boga grip-sized slot, for example. Each reel bay comes with a pre-cut circular pad that you can pull out and stack on top of your reels, so there’s room for even bluewater-sized gear. For trout reels, just use a neoprene reel bag to keep everything positioned.

Sea Run Case Review

From a fit and finish perspective, this case gets an A+. The only serious demerit is for the steep price – $499 without the canvas carry case and another $109 for that accessory. That’s the price we, unfortunately, have to pay for a high-end piece of ultra-specialized gear, but the value is definitely there if you are the guy or gal this case was designed to serve.

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