Shawn Leadon’s Secrets to Perfect Fly Casting: Learn from the Best in the Bahamas

We’ve all felt that surge of adrenaline when aiming for the catch of a lifetime while fishing. Usually, it boils down to the perfect cast: nailing the distance and ensuring your fly lands just right. But then there are those moments when the wind picks up, and luck seems to be against you. During a recent trip hosted by our friends at Mad River Outfitters, they had the privilege of learning from Shawn Leadon, a renowned bonefish captain from the Bahamas’ Andros Island. Shawn imparted invaluable wisdom on the art of fly casting.

A few things to think about: 

  • You have two pressure points #1 your four fingers #2 your thumb
  • Pull with your four fingers stopping at 45 degrees, then push with your thumb stopping at 45 degrees
  • The more line you have, the more patience you need to have in your false cast

Special shoutout to Mad River Outfitters and Captain Shawn Leadon from the Andros Island Bonefish Club, be sure to follow @madriveroutfitters & and @shawn_leadon on Instagram!

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