Travel Confidently With Your Sea Run Fly Rod and Reel Case

Sea Run fly rod and reel cases were born out of the need to protect the valuable fly fishing gear we all carry with us while traveling to and from the water, regardless of where that water may be. Whether your next fly fishing adventure is 20 miles from your doorstep, or 2000, our cases are built to get your gear there safely while giving you complete peace of mind. Utilizing the same extreme polymer technology and quality you expect from Nergini Cases, our cases have patented double-wall construction giving all Sea Run Cases maximum impact strength and resistance to all weather conditions. Inside all that outer protection, our cases are lined with woven nylon canvas and marine-grade closed-cell foam, so you can toss your wet rods, lines, and reels straight into the case with no worries about damaging the lining while. We’ve organized the case with plenty of compartments to hold reels, tackle, and whatever else you need for while traveling to your next angling destination! 

“I’ve tried a few different travel cases in my years of fishing and this one definitely sets the bar. Great construction and looks beautiful. I’ve finally bought my LAST travel case!” – Bryan Bush

Traveling Far From Home

Sea Run Case on the Flats of BelizeAfter years of traveling with fly fishing gear, we saw an immediate need for a gear case that could be confidently checked below the plane. Carrying on a soft-sided rod case, or awkward rod tubes can be stressful, especially if your flight is full and overhead baggage space is limited. Due to the near-bulletproof construction of each case, there is zero risk of your gear getting crushed en route to your destination. Whether your Sea Run is being rolled up a conveyor belt onto a 737 with care or tossed in the hold of a bush plane in Alaska, our cases will keep your gear intact and organized. Each case is fitted with three German-made, TSA-compliant combination locks, that ensure no one other than you can access your precious fly fishing gear.

Traveling Close to Home

Sea Run Fly Rod and Reel Case loaded up on truck tailgateOur cases may be purpose-built for air travel, but they’re equally at home in the trunk of your car or bed of your pick-up. Sea Run’s will keep your rods and reels safe from the dings, scrapes, and other wear and tear that would have otherwise occurred while driving to and from your favorite fishing hole. Aside from the protection hard-sided cases provide, your trunk or truck bed will look more organized than ever and make easy work of unloading the car after a long day on the water. We recommend picking up our Fitted Canvas Cover, which improves durability and makes hauling your case a breeze with a comfortable over-the-shoulder strap.

Packing Your Sea Run Case

Packing a Sea Run Fly Fishing CasePacking your case is a breeze, thanks to our fantastic design team. In the top side of the case, you’ll find a compartment capable of holding 4-5 4-piece fly rods, and two narrow pockets perfect for your sunglasses, line-nippers, and fishing pliers. All the gear in the upper compartment is held in place by a solid canvas wall that flips up while you access the lower half. On the bottom half of the case, you have 5 compartments made to hold reels and each is filled with a removable foam liner ensuring no damage can impact your reels while you’re traveling. The middle compartment, closest to the handle, is this author’s favorite place to stash fly boxes, tippet spools, leaders, and any other terminal tackle you’ll need on the water when you reach your destination.

Pro Tips for Traveling with Fly Fishing Gear

Sea Run Case Alaska Float Plane

#1 – Take full advantage of airlines’ Special Baggage Policies

These policies allow specifically for multiple pieces of fishing equipment like your Sea Run Case, nets, and/or other tackle to be counted (and billed) as a single item of luggage. 

#2 – Check Your Flies

Depending on the airline and the TSA agent going through your carry-on bag, some of your flies’ hooks may be flagged as dangerous and can be confiscated. What’s most annoying about this fact, is that larger flies tend to be the most expensive. Avoid this by packing any flies with hooks larger than #1’s in your checked bag, or your checked Sea Run Case!

#3 – Bring Back-Up Gear

While most destinations will have loaner gear available, there is nothing worse than snapping a rod on day one of a trip and being stuck without a replacement. Whenever you travel, it’s best to bring along a backup setup to make sure nothing gets between you and your fly fishing adventure!

Sea Run Case Lineup