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Andrea Larko Artist Bio

Andrea Larko is an artist hailing from Pennsylvania and grew up fishing with her 3 sisters. Always a sketchbook in tow she felt the call toward creativity at a young age and never left. After graduating from college with a BFA in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York she moved back to PA and found solace again by being on the water.

Making the transition to fly fishing was a decision she never could have realized would then change the course of her life. From working 9-5 desk jobs where a creative usually struggles sitting in a cubicle, to building her own small business from the ground up as a fly fishing artist still growing 10 years strong independently.

Andrea has worked with some of the largest and most prestigious fly fishing companies in the world and been published over a dozen times in magazines and heard in podcasts and interviews around the world. Her unique artwork portrays the feelings and movement of being on the water. Mixing that flow with the anticipation from the take of a fish to the meditative drawing patterns of an over thinker, her work in the industry can easily be recognized.

Always a student as well as the teacher she promotes and donates to conservation in memory of her uncle who was a fly fisherman as well.  She currently resides in southwestern Pennsylvania with her English Bulldog Lucy, always next to her in the studio.

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Sea Run Artisan Series
by Andrea Larko

Discover the epitome of style and protection with the Sea Run Artisan Series by Andrea Larko. Infused with Andrea’s captivating artwork, thes cases are a true work of art for avid fly fishing enthusiasts. The Sea Run Case lineup features quick-release convenience options, versatile interiors, with the elegance of Andrea’s designs. Elevate your fly fishing experience with a case that seamlessly blends functionality and artistic expression.