Episode 1: Southeast Fly Shop Tour now LIVE!

Last year, the Rocky Mountain season of Fly Shop Tour was an undeniable success, leaving us with no choice but to embark on a second season. With the planning process kicking off immediately after the wrap of season one, our team delved into brainstorming the “who, what, when, why, and how” of the upcoming season.

For months we dedicated ourselves to capturing both photo and video, driven by our overarching mission: to spotlight and emphasize the significance of fly shops within the fly-fishing community, and now in our latest season, the Southeastern Fly Shop Tour. These shops serve as the pulsating heartbeats of local fishing communities, and stretch across the nation from coast to coast.

Embarking on a journey east bound and down from our headquarters in Basalt, Colorado, our team meticulously planned a route to the southeast. Setting out on the road, we b-lined it for Tennessee to meet up with our film crew and begin shooting the second season. Join us on this southern excursion as we illuminate the pivotal role of fly shops and conservation efforts to restore the surrounding areas of the places we visited.

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