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The Berry Islands is a cluster of 30 remote cays, nestled between Abaco Island to the northeast and Andros Island to the southwest, about 30 square miles in total area and adjacent to the Great Bahamian Canyon or “Tongue of the Ocean” whose depths exceed 14,000 feet. The Berry Islands are often referred to by locals as “The Fish Bowl of the Bahamas” because of the wildly rich biodiversity found in these bountiful waters. The population of the Berry Islands is only about seven hundred people, most of whom live at Bullock’s Harbor, adjoining Great Harbour Cay. It’s one of the least inhabited islands in the Bahamas, and has been purposely kept on the low-down for years by the few anglers that fish here. It is now home to the newest bonefish operation in the Bahamas, Soul Fly Lodge. The brainchild of Captain Kyle Schafer, and his lovely wife Kitri, former managers of Bair’s Lodge on South Andros.

Soul Fly Lodge’s location on the east side of the island will finally allow anglers access to wilderness Bahamas bonefishing in the Berry Islands. The Berry’s are home to some of the largest bonefish in the Bahamas as well as a very valid permit fishery. The fishing program at Soul Fly Lodge is built around pursuing multiple species in a maritime wilderness setting with access to a huge diversity of fisheries including miles and miles of firm white sand flats, backcountry creeks, acres of mangroves, expanses of beautiful turtle grass, oceanside edges, and endless miles of shorelines and coves. The Berry’s offer fly anglers a daily chance to pursue bonefishpermittriggerfish, barracuda, mutton snapper and other flats species from the bow of the skiff or on foot. It’s as diverse of a fishery as there is in the Bahamas, and a target rich environment. The location of the lodge is absolutely dead-center, affording quick and easy access to hundreds of square miles of hard white sand flats that can be waded on foot or fished from a flats skiff. Short runs to nearby flats will have you fishing within 15 minutes in a brand-new fleet of Maverick 17 HPX-V & Hells Bay Skiffs, powered by Yamaha 70 hp outboards. The skiffs feature padded seats, a leaning bar on the casting platform and dry storage lockers, as well as radios & GPS locators. The lodge has assembled a team of legendary local guides that are experienced, courteous, instruction orientated and dedicated professionals.

Purposely kept on the low down by veteran bonefishers for decades, the Berry Islands is home to the newest flats fishing lodge in the Bahamas – Soul Fly Fishing Lodge. Anglers will now be able to access hundreds of square miles of beautiful white sand flats in pursuit of trophy-size bonefishpermittriggerfish, barracuda, and mutton snapper.

Their location is spot on, and their experience operating in the Bahamas along with their commitment to excellence and executing a world-class fishing operation should make them a staple in the Bahamas for many years to come.

MAY 2024

Arrive – May 25th, 2024
Fish – 4 Days
Depart – May 30th, 2024
Available – 2 rods & 2 rooms

Tides – Half moon trip with an average amount of tidal flow. Really nice timing on the tides. Great time of year for species diversity. Lots of wading available. High tide at 11a on day 1 of fishing – opportunity to fish both the incoming and outgoing.

JUNE 2024

Arrive – June 2nd, 2024
Fish – 5 days
Depart – June 8th, 2024
Available – 2 rods & 2 rooms

Tides – Excellent late spring bonefish and permit tide. Coming into the new moon on June 6th. Great tidal flow. Low tide at noon on day 1.


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