5 Fishing Destinations Perfect for the Expedition Angler

Sea Run Cases trace their lineage back to the classic expedition firearm cases our sister brand, Negrini, is world-famous for producing. When we designed the first edition of the Sea Run case with Chris Dorsey, we built it with the expedition angler in mind. They’re made for those anglers who travel via bush planes, Land Cruisers on dirt roads, and up rivers in dug-out canoes in search of remote, unpressured fisheries. These five destinations are legendary destinations, home to luxury lodging and dining, and boasting some of the finest guiding staffs on the planet. Whether you’re looking to pursue giant Golden Dorado, Arapaima, or Atlantic salmon, let this quick guide be your introduction to some of our favorite angling destinations!

Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia – Golden Dorado

Dorado Deep in the Bolivian jungle lies the iconic Tsimane Lodge. Tsimane has become famous in the past years for boasting an incredible Dorado fishery high up in the Amazon River watershed, where the golden fish hunt baitfish, mice and anything else they can fit in their mouths in crystal clear mountain rivers. Getting there involves what most expeditionary anglers crave, a mix of bush planes and 4x4s rode deep into the lush mountain jungles of Bolivia.

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Swedish Lapland – Arctic Char, Brown Trout, and Atlantic Salmon

Photo from Flylords

Swedish Lapland has been an angling destination for adventurous anglers for decades. The region, located in the northern reaches of the Scandinavian country is known for its roaring rivers and dense pine forests home to incredible wildlife, and even more spectacular fishing. Atlantic Salmon, brown trout, grayling, Arctic char, and pike are all on the menu during their summer fishing season. There are many lodges and independent guides available for hire, and the level of adventure is up to the angler. If you want to get far away from civilization, there are helicopter operations in place to take you and your Sea Run case high into the mountains, where you’ll pursue native char and brown trout high up in the regions alpine lakes!

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Blue Horizon Lodge, Belize – Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon

Photo from Flylords

“There are few places in the world that get the heart racing more for permit fishermen than the saltwater flats of Belize. Endless shallow flats covered in sand, coral heads, or turtle grass, a playground for permit. The country of Belize lies immediately south of Mexico on the Caribbean Sea. With a population of just 420,000, the capital is Belize City and the main point of arrival for most visitors. Belize boasts an ecologically diverse jungle and also the second-largest coral reef in the world, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.” – Flylords

The beauty of fly fishing in Belize is the breadth of fishing lodges and destinations available up and down the coast. Perhaps the finest of these is Blue Horizon Lodge. Blue Horizon is located deep within the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, right in the epicenter of the region referred to as Belize’s famous Permit Alley. The lodge itself lies on a private cay surrounded by reefs home to innumerous black-tailed devils that cruise the flats chasing down any crab brave enough to show themselves.

Learn more about Blue Horizon Lodge and fly fishing Belize in this article from Flylords, or on Blue Horizon’s website!

Ponoi River Company, Russia – Atlantic Salmon

Photo from Flylords

Located southeast of Murmansk, Russia, the Ponoi River Camp is home to some of the finest Atlantic Salmon fishing in the northern hemisphere. The river boasts some of the finest runs of Atlantics and Sea trout in Russia, and the remoteness of the camp is second to none. Upon arrival to Murmansk, anglers will board a Soviet-era Mi-17 helicopter that will whisk them toward the camp on the banks of the river. If landing Atlantics on the swing is on your angling bucket list, this is one remote fishery you should push to the top of your list!

Pirarucu Lodge, Brazil – Arapaima

Photo from Jako Lucas

Rounding out our trio of jungle destination lodges, Pirarucu Lodge is located in the State of Amazonas in Central Brazil. The lodge is named after their main target species, the mighty arapaima. The arapaima is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, growing up to 3 meters in the wild. Very similar to the Tarpon, these fish can breathe air by sucking down large gulps off the surface as they cruise jungle rivers, pods, oxbows, and lagoons to search for easy baitfish meals. Once hooked, these fish jump and headshake just like a tarpon, leaping from the water in acrobatic chaos. If you ask most passionate destination anglers, they’ll tell you these fish are as addictive to pursue as the Silver King himself!

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Did we miss any of your favorite fishing destinations? Let us know which ones should be on our next list in the comments!