The Flux Capacitor 4k

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

Winter fishing continues to produce for those in areas not already iced over. Small flies are the ticket this time of year, whether that be dries or nymphs. Double nymph rigs either tight-lined or suspended under an indicator are a staple when temperatures drop, but do not be afraid to throw the occasional streamer. A pattern that fits perfectly into the midge box and will fool a few fish this winter is the Flux Capacitor 4k.

Similar to many midges, this is a very simple fly that tyers of any skill level will be able to recreate. Thread size is extremely important when tying small patterns due to overcrowding of the hook eye, as well as building too large of a profile. Although many midge nymphs are similar, having a wide variety to best imitate the species in your area is easy and cheaper than most. Minimizing frustrations on the vise will allow you to tie batches of midges with ease, including the Flux Capacitor 4k.

A good rule for winter is to always expect picky fish. Downsize in tippet and flies to increase your chances of very productive days and generally enjoy the colder seasons more. Fishing in the cold is certainly not for everyone and it is best to remember to be safe on the water this winter. If you can get on the water, drop down to smaller tippet sizes and put on a freshly tied Flux Capacitor 4k to fool those finicky winter trout.


Now you know how to tie the Flux Capacitor 4k!

Video and ingredients courtesy of the Hopper Juan Ramirez.