Which Sea Run Case Is Right For You?

Since the first Sea Run cases hit the market and fly shop shelves, we’ve been listening to feedback from our pros and customers to make surer that each of our new products fits a need for the traveling angler. Originally we had two cases, the Expedition Classic and the Expedition Technical, but now we’ve got two brand new cases that we feel cover the gamut of traveling with fly fishing gear. Every Sea Run Case comes with the hard, durable exteriors that you expect from us and our parent company, Negrini, along with three German-steel combination locks to keep your gear safe and sound while in transit, or while it sits in your vehicle.

In this quick article, we’ll be walking you through our three tent-pole cases and help you pick the right case for your fly fishing travel needs!

The Riffle

We designed the Riffle and Riffle QR to be lighter, more compact cases that would fit rods up to 11 ft and enough gear for a quick day trip on the water. This case is designed with the day-tripping angler in mind, who likes to stop by their local trout stream or bass pond for a quick session before or after work, or for the weekend warriors out there who need to make every moment count during their time off. The Riffle is just at home keeping the back of your truck organized as it is in the bow of a Panga on the way to your next permit adventure.

The Riffle is perfect for:

– Day trips to your local fishing spot

– Euro-nymphers or anglers using 10ft-11ft rods

– Weekend adventures to your favorite destination

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The Norfork Expedition

The new Norfork Expedition case was designed for adventuring anglers traveling well off the beaten path to lodges and fisheries deep in the backcountry. We built it with space and durability in mind. A hardened Patented Rigid ABS exterior will keep your gear safe during transit while the closed-cell foam interior makes sure that even the bumpiest dirt roads have no effect on your equipment. The Norfork’s interior and hinges were also built with the saltwater angler in mind, and will stand up to whatever spray and waves you encounter on your way to the fishing action! When we designed the interior layout of the Norfork, we focused on creating a modular system that allows anglers to fit four to six – 4-piece fly rod and reel setups along with fly boxes, pliers, and any other terminal tackle they’ll need on the water.

The Norfork Expedition QR features a quick-release shoulder strap

The Norfork Expedition is Perfect For:

– Expedition and traveling anglers

– Week-long backcountry fly fishing adventures

– Guides who need to keep multiple rods ready for action

– Gear junkies with a fly set up for every situation

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The Expedition Classic

The Expedition Classic was one of our first production cases, and it has stood the test of time and remains a favorite of anglers looking to class up their fly fishing equipment. The Classic is still built with our patented Rigid ABS exterior but also features a PLX Italian Leather trim that promises to turn heads as you pick up your case from the baggage claim belt. The Classic can hold up to 6 rods and reels and features plenty of space for fly boxes and other accessories you’ll need on your adventure.

The Expedition Classic is Perfect For:

– For the discerning traveling angler

– Week-long stays at your favorite fly fishing destination

– Anglers who prefer a neat whiskey and cigar over an ice-cold beer, and Atlantic salmon to buck nasty brown trout

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