Top Tips for Keeping Your Gear (+ Case!) Clean

Half of the fun of fly fishing is all the gear maintenance…right? While it might not be everyone’s favorite part of the sport it’s critical to invest the time and effort in your gear to make sure it performs well for years to come. Check out these simple tips for keeping your gear in tip-top shape.  


Case Cover

A case for your case? At first it sounds silly, but that beautiful 100% Italian leather finish and hard exterior will get scratched and buffed between ruthless airline baggage handlers and all-terrain travel. Our rugged double-wall ABS construction will ensure that nothing on the inside will be harmed and the precisely crafted case cover will shelter that beautiful outside. As a bonus, the case cover is also equipped with a shoulder strap, making treks across the airport or to the bank a breeze. 


ArmorAll Wipes

Not only will the wipes provide an extra layer of protection on the finish, but they’ll make your case shine. If you aren’t familiar, ArmorAll has both cleaning and protection wipes. The protection wipes are great for preventing UV damage while the cleaning wipes are ideal for getting pollen, dust, and dirt off of the case. 


Keep Your Reels in Their Case* 

It’s safe to say that we’re all guilty of a quick stow-n-go when it comes to finding a place for our reel. We designed the inside of each Sea Run case with a marine-grade closed-cell foam for exactly that. Your reel will be protected inside your Sea Run, but it’s always best to place the reel in its original case. *Make sure the reel cover is completely dry! If you’ve been saltwater fishing, ensure that the cover doesn’t have salt in it. 


Magic Eraser 

One of the easiest ways to clean a nasty cork grip is to take a Magic Eraser to it. Simply wet the sponge to use and then dry the handle with a microfiber towel. If your handle is really gnarly and could use some extra help, you can take 240 or 320 grit sandpaper to it lightly. 


Sudsy Water is Your Best Friend 

An easy way to wipe down your rod, reel, and even your case is to use warm soapy water. It’s best to do this after every fishing trip.