Top Tips for Keeping Your Sea Run Case Organized

One of the best indicators of a good day is good organization- there’s no fumbling or frustration when you’re trying to find that perfect fly or making sure that you packed your nippers. Here are some of our tips for keeping your gear organized. A clear mind always catches more fish. 


Divider Organizer Pocket 

Proudly 100% made in the USA, this pocket is perfect to fit all the odds and ends that you need to keep in your case. These are custom fitted to each case, so make sure you are getting the right one. You can find the Expedition organizer here and the Norfork here


Tippet Holder

If you don’t already, keep all your tippet in one place with a holder. All your spools will stay together in one place so you aren’t searching around for the size test you need or on a wild goose chase for the spool that won’t stop rolling. Plus, your holder will fit perfectly in your case.  


Rod Sleeves 

This should go without saying, but when you break down a rod always make sure you are putting it in a sleeve. These sleeves are designed to offer light protection for your rod while making sure the rod sections all stay put. This is extra important when using your case to ensure that rod pieces aren’t getting mixed up or moving around the case. 


Travel Cubes

Normally you use these for consolidating clothes and socks that you’re bringing on a trip but they’re great for acting as a catch-all in your Sea Run case. We like to use a smaller-sized cube to store baby wipes, Zeiss wipes, Epi-Pens, ibuprofen, and a lighter.  


Fly Boxes

Look no further for a fly box that fits perfectly in your Sea Run case. We created both large and small boxes. The larger fly box can hold 20-30 large flies depending on the pattern and the smaller one can fit 20-30 small patterns and is the perfect addition to any pair of waders.